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Use the Cloud Dashboard to track your Sales pipeline and Project Execution status

Written by Ashok P
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Cloud Dashboard provides insights for critical Sales and Project Management metrics, shows ongoing progress on opportunities and projects, and the activities due for the day.

Cloud Dashboard is designed to cater to all types of Cloud users—Business owners, Sales team, Project management team, Procurement team, and any other support staff who are helping you with your projects.

Dashboard Views

Go to "Dashboard" in the left navigation menu to access your Dashboard. Cloud provides 4 Dashboard views—My Opportunities, All Opportunities, My Projects, and All Projects.

Click the Toggle Dashboard icon on the top to switch between Opportunities and Projects views.

Use the toggle on the top-right corner to switch between "My" and "All" views.

Sales Opportunities View

The Opportunity views provide the following data:

  • Project and Service Opportunities you are working on this month, their current progress, and expected revenue

  • To-dos that are due today

  • Opportunities that are expected to close this week

  • Quotes that are in progress and new Opportunities that will need to be worked upon

You will be able to the All Opportunities view only if you have the "View all opportunities" permission.

Project Management View

The Project views provide the following data:

  • Projects tasks that are due today

  • Active projects and their current stages

  • Products that are ready to be ordered

  • Change orders with their values and their current stages

You will be able to the All Projects view only if you have the "View all projects" permission.

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