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Use the Cloud Dashboard to track your Sales pipeline and Project Execution plans
Written by Ashok P
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Dashboards provide data for critical Sales and Project Management metrics at your company. Dashboards are user profile-specific reports that D-Tools Cloud users would review daily to get an overview of their cadence and recent activities.

Dashboards are available fully to Office users and in a limited capacity to Field users. This article explains Dashboards available to Office users.

Check out this article for Field User Dashboards.

Go to Dashboard in the left navigation menu, use the “Dashboard selector” at the top left, and select a Dashboard view. You have four Dashboard views—My opportunities, All opportunities, My projects, and All projects.

My opportunities and All opportunities

These Dashboards are helpful for Sales users. The widgets on these Dashboards provide data about:

  • The number of Opportunities you’re working on and the phases they’re in

  • The Quotes you recently visited, the Change Orders you recently created, and your recent Activities (Notes or To-Dos) in your Opportunities and Projects

  • Your Activities scheduled for today

My projects and All projects

These Dashboards are helpful for users who manage the completion of Projects. The widgets on these Dashboards provide data about:

  • The number of ongoing (Active) projects in your company and the phases they're in

  • The number of Projects you’re working on and their completion status

  • Your Project Task schedule for today and the upcoming Project Tasks

  • The upcoming Payment milestones in your Projects

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