Notes and @ Mention

Add Project Notes with @ Mentions to Project Activities

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Notes are one of the Project Communication capabilities on D-Tools Cloud. Check out this article about all the Project Communication capabilities.

Notes fields are found in the Opportunity, Quote, Project, and Client views. Notes provide @ mention capabilities, which can be used to get the attention of one or more specific team members or clients. For example, A Note with an @ mention for the Depot Manager to check the Product Delivery status and update it in the app.

Notes are seen in the Activity log displayed on the Dashboard. Check out this article on D-Tools Cloud Dashboard for more details.

@ mentions trigger both In-App and Email notifications for the users mentioned in the Notes. You can optionally suppress email notifications for @ mentions. Check out this article about configuring Email Preferences for more details.

Notes Field in Opportunity View

Notes Field in Quote View

Notes Field in Project View

Notes Field in Client View

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