Add To-Dos as Project Activities and assign resources and Due Dates for completion

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To-Dos are one of the Project Communication capabilities on D-Tools Cloud. Check out this article about all the Project Communication capabilities.

To-Do fields are seen in the Opportunity, Quote, Project, and Client views. The To-Dos functionality provides users with lighter internal tasking and communication capabilities. For example, a To-Do for the Installer to check Products availability at the depot a day before the Installation Task.

You can set a Due Date and Reminder Date and assign one or multiple account users to the To-Do. Assigned users can attach files as Proof of Completion.

To-Dos are seen on the Cloud Dashboard. Check out this article about D-Tools Cloud Dashboards for more details.

To-Dos trigger both In-App as well as Email notifications for the users assigned. You can optionally suppress email notifications for To-Dos. Check out this article about configuring Email Preferences for more details.

Completing To-Do Items

The assigned users can see all the To-Dos under To-Dos in the left navigation menu. To-Do records can be filtered by status or assignee and grouped by Client/Opportunity/Project name.

Once the user completes a To-Do, the user can attach the required files and check the To-Do. This is automatically tracked as a completed To-Do item in the relevant Project's Activity log.

To-Do Field in Opportunity View

To-Do Field in Quote View

To-Do Field in Project View

To-Do Field in Client View

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