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Scheduling project tasks as events
Scheduling project tasks as events

Get your Project running by creating Events that specify when the Project Tasks must be completed

Written by Ashok P
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Tasks only have an expected end date; they do not come with a schedule for completing them. To schedule tasks and make them available to users, you must combine one or more tasks and create an Event. Events are collated and appear as a calendar Schedule to the assigned Office users and Field users.

Scheduling events with care goes a long way in ensuring there are minimal or no delays in executing projects and finishing labor within the quoted labor hours. Take particular care about the travel time for the resources and the availability of the customer at the site when scheduling.

To add an event:

  1. Go to the Plan tab in the project details view. Here, under "Scheduling," click on the day on which you want to schedule the event.

  2. Set the time window and select the type for the event.

  3. Add the tasks that must be completed during the event. When you add multiple tasks, all assigned resources are automatically added to the event. You can always add more resources if needed.

  4. Click “Create” to add and schedule the event.

Scheduling events generate emails for all resources included in the event. Resources can click the schedule in the email to see the details of the event.

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