Applying a task template to a project

How to use Task Templates in a projects and reduce the effort to define Project Tasks manually

Written by Ashok P
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When an Opportunity is Won, a project is created. New projects do not have any project tasks. You will need to add the tasks as part of project planning.

This article explains how to apply a task template to a project. To see how to add tasks directly within a project, see Add tasks to a project.

New project

Go to the Tasks view in the project, and click Apply a task template. This will open a modal to select the template. Select the template and click “Apply.”

You will see that all the task groups, tasks, and checklists from the template are now available in the project.

*You can add multiple task templates to a project if you have created task templates in a way that makes adding multiple templates meaningful.

Ongoing project

Task templates can also be applied to an ongoing project with tasks already added. You will have the option to retain the existing tasks or remove all of them and use the tasks that come from the template.

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