Why disclose my professional licenses?

Whether or not you are required by law to disclose your professional license numbers on your proposals, doing so can to prove to your clients that you do reliable and trustworthy business.

How do I input my professional licensees into D-Tools cloud?

To add a professional license to your account, simply go into Settings and find the Company Profile section. Here you can input as many license numbers as you'd like. There are five fields that you can fill out when creating a professional license:

  • Classification

  • Description

  • Number

  • State

  • Expiration Date

Depending on where you are licensed, you may not need to fill out all of these fields. This is why we only require you to input one of the following: classification, description, or number.

How do I display my licenses on a proposal?

To add your professional licenses to a proposal, simply add a new section, and select Professional Licenses. Once this section is created, you can edit the title of the section and toggle which columns you want to be displayed.

Perhaps you are licensed in multiple states but only want to display licenses for the state you are doing business in for a particular job. You can hide these less relevant licenses by editing the license visibility on the proposal.

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