We all have those moments when clients sit on proposals. Perhaps they are contemplating whether or not your company is the right for the job, or maybe they simply forgot about your amazing offer. Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating when people don't get back to you!

Take control of your own timetable by setting an expiration date for your proposals. You will see a panel where you can set this Valid Until date when you are composing your email to share your proposal. At this point, you can also select when you would like your client to receive automated emails reminding them that the expiration date is approaching. You can arrange for up to 2 automated email reminders to be sent out a specified number of days before the expiration.

Clients Viewing the Valid Until Date

Once a Valid Until date is set, your client will see this date displayed in 2 places:

1. Under the button on your email that contains the proposal link.

2. On a banner at the top of an opened proposal.

Automated Reminder Emails

If enabled, reminder emails will be sent to every email address that the proposal was shared with. Reminder emails will also be sent to the opportunity owner, that way you don't have to worry about forgetting an impending expiration date. Reminder email text can not be modified at this time, but will be filled in with your expiration date, company name and logo, as well as the opportunity owner name.

Expired Proposals

Once the expiration date passes, your client will no longer be able to view the proposal. They will be shown an automated message explaining that the proposal has expired and to reach out to you if they would like to request an extension.

Changing the Valid Until & Reminder Email Dates

All expiration dates will be displayed in the Overview section of your quote. Here you can remove or edit the expiration date. All changes will be automatically saved and will be updated on the banner displayed when your client opens the proposal.

Reminder email dates will automatically adjust to fit a modified expiration date. However, you can also manually change reminder email dates in this section as well.

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