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Creating a New Proposal Template
Creating a New Proposal Template

How to create a new proposal template from scratch or from an existing proposal.

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If you are just getting started, there are two ways to create a new template:

1. Create a new template from scratch.

To create a new template from scratch, navigate to the template manager by either selecting Manage Templates in the template menu within the proposal preview, or go to settings, and in the Proposal section, select Proposal Templates.

Proposal templates section within settings

Here you will see at least one template that D-Tools created for you, and you may see templates others have created in your D-Tools company account. You can create a new proposal template or you can edit an existing one.

By clicking the New Proposal Template button and giving your new template a name, you will be able to start customizing your template. You will notice there are a few sections already there.

2. Create a new template from a proposal

Perhaps you've spent lots of time crafting an incredible proposal and realize that you would like all of your proposals to look just like this one! You can save any proposal as a new template within the "Templates" menu when viewing your proposal. It's as easy as just giving your template a name and then it can be applied to any other proposal.

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