Keep your team on the same page, save time, get stuff done.

Cloud's new Cross-Project Scheduling feature allows you to see what's going on in any given week eliminating the need to jump back and forth between Cloud and your external calendar. Schedule events using the important information you already compiled while closing the deal and creating your project plan; no more transferring information!

  • ⚙️ Easily view, create, and edit events for all projects in one place

  • 👤 Assign any user to a project

  • 🔄 Add tasks to an event or create new ones

  • ⏱️ Schedule by time (30 minute increments)

  • 💥 Filter by project and/or resource

  • 📅 Set working days and hours

  • 🏖️ Set company holidays

  • 🚧 Create block events to show when a project site is unavailable

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