Initial Setup

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and log in as Admin as changes to your Company Preferences will be required.

  2. Download and install the D-Tools Cloud QuickBooks Connector app.

  3. Open the D-Tools Cloud QuickBooks Connector app. You will be prompted to enter your Connector Key

  4. Log in to D-Tools Cloud and go to the Manage Integrations page under Settings. Enable Accounting Integrations and click button to view and copy your Connector Key.

  5. Paste the Connector Key in the field and click Save. You will be brought to the Settings tab where you will browse to your QuickBooks Company File (.qbd) and click Test Connection.

  6. QuickBooks will display the following prompt. Click the "Yes, always; allow access if QuickBooks is not running" radio button:

  7. Click Yes on this prompt:

  8. Select Admin from the "Login as" dropdown:

  9. Click Yes on this prompt:

  10. Click Done:

  11. Click Ok on the Test Connection message:

You are now ready to set your defaults and then begin pushing Estimates to QuickBooks for D-Tools Cloud Projects and Change Orders and/or pushing Purchase Orders to QuickBooks.

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