Quote Copy To feature

When it comes time to create a Project from an Opportunity, users can only select one of the Quotes within the Opportunity to create a Project.

The Quote "Copy To" feature provides users with the ability to copy Quotes between different Opportunities. This feature can be used to break out multiple "Accepted" Quotes from within the same Opportunity to create additional Projects. Or this functionality can be leveraged like a Quote "template". Users can take a previous Quote, copy it to a new Opportunity, and use it as a template for a new job.

Here is an outline on the process:

  1. Open the desired Opportunity

  2. Click on the ellipsis (three dots) menu to the right of the Quote which you would like to copy

  3. Select the "Copy to" option from the menu

  4. Select Opportunity where you would like to copy the Quote or create a new Opportunity

  5. If the Quote was copied to an existing Opportunity, you will see the following window open:

  6. On the other hand, if the "Copy to new opportunity" option is selected, you will see the New Opportunity wizard open up. After filling out the Opportunity details, you'll find the copied Quote inside

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