Although we are currently limited to three default export options, we can provide a temporary workaround to export a variety of views to Excel/.CSV format.

Default Export options:

  1. Export Quote BOM to .CSV

    Navigate to this view by opening an Opportunity, the Quote within the Opportunity, click on the ellipsis menu in the upper left corner, and select the "Export to CSV" option.

  2. Export Project using Item Status view to .CSV

    If your account has the Project Management Suite of features, to navigate to this view open a Project, click on "Manage Project Plan" and select the Items tab.

    If the account does NOT have access to the Project Management Suite of features, to navigate to this view open a Project and select the Item Status tab in the top left between the Overview and Change Orders tab.

  3. Export Field User Time Entries to CSV

    To navigate to this view click on the "Reports" tab from the homepage of D-Tools Cloud and select the "Time Entries" option from the dropdown menu towards the top left of the webpage.

Additional Workaround:

This process can be applied to export data from various views throughout the application. Example: Projects, Opportunities, Clients, Contacts, My Products, etc.

  1. Open the view you want to export

  2. Apply filters if needed

  3. Switch to the "List view" option if/when possible

  4. Scroll down on the page to make sure all the records are loaded

  5. Use browser option to save the view/page to HTML format

  6. Use one of the free HTML to CSV converters online

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