Project Managers can schedule resources to projects for each day so your installers can know where to go. Scheduling a resource, you can do so within each project. You will also be able to balance across other projects as you will see where resources are busy vs. available.

Schedule a Resource

To schedule a resource, first make sure they are a resource on a project. You can add them in the upper right of the project plan by adding user or within the calendar itself.

You can add a resource by clicking on the "Add to Schedule" button or simply clicking in the calendar itself. Both approaches will open up a menu to select the following.

  1. Select the type of work (or the group from the task page) for this day

  2. Select days

  3. Assign resources (optional)

  4. Attach tasks or create tasks (optional)

View Schedule by Resource

You can view schedule for a resource by filtering or just clicking on the resource. This will highlight their days and the tasks for this week.

Navigate the Schedule

Select Week

Navigate the schedule week by week. You can simply click the next or previous week, or click the dropdown to find the specific date.

Seeing Who's Busy

You can select a Busy event to see where the resource is being scheduled so you can balance your resources, determining if you want to assign them anyways or assign someone else.

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