Create your project plan with tasks and groups of tasks. This provides a way for the project manager to stay on top of everything going on for the project while assigning tasks to the team to complete the necessary tasks.

Task Group

A task group is a way to organize your tasks. Each group is associated with a color and phase. You can also associate start and end dates for each phase to better track important dates. This provides the flexibility to associate a phase with one or more groups.

Tasks groups will be used throughout the planning process so be sure to differentiate your groups by different colors related to each group. (will be used with scheduling, time tracking, and on dashboards)

Create and Manage Tasks

To create a task, you need to make sure you have a group created first. By default, you will have one group created for you. You can create a task two different ways:

  1. Click the primary green button at the top which will create a task in the current group (using the start and end date, it will default to first if no dates are added)

  2. Click the plus icon in each group to add to that group

You can easily type to add multiple tasks, clicking the create button or enter on your keyboard.

Prioritize Tasks

You can organize and prioritize tasks by clicking and dragging up and down the priority list.

Task Details

Tasks allow you to add all the important information from the project so you can make sure you and the assignees have what they need to get the task done.

  • Name

  • Task Group

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Target Completion Date

  • Description

  • Checklist (sub-tasks)

  • Pick-lists (product and allowances from the project)

  • Attachments

  • Activity (Comments and Task updates)

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