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The Power of Alternates
The Power of Alternates

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Typically, as buyers, we are presented with multiple options on the brink of a purchase – whether it’s selecting a name brand vs. generic, or opting for the larger size to get more bang for your buck. The good, better, best scenario is the traditional exercise of weighing our options during the purchasing process. We can all agree that giving clients options is critical during the sales process, i.e., one size doesn’t fit all. However, how could it be simpler?

At D-Tools, we also consider this and have asked, “What could we do to update this sales practice and put a new spin on it?” I may be biased, but we nailed it! Here is how our team was able to apply a fresh take on a classic sales practice and add even more value for our users.

We have created the option to add “alternates” to your D-Tools Cloud av proposals. By creating an alternate set of products and accessories, we help you reduce the number of quote versions presented. Your clients can now engage with a live multi-media document that empowers them to quickly choose what they want, at the equipment level, and accept your proposal. Providing your client with some well-defined options based on their input makes it easy to deliver an accurate quote the first time, gets them more involved in the process and reduces the need for multiple revisions. You will also enjoy getting some time back, and your clients will enjoy the simplicity and ease of going through a sales process that may otherwise feel complicated or cumbersome.

The value add is, that there is also some sales psychology going on here.

1) Engaging with a live multi-media document brings clients into an active buying state. They have started the journey and moved beyond “Do I want to work with you?” and onto “What do I want?” This ultimately helps shorten the sales cycle.

2) Most people choose the recommended option after trust is established. By placing your recommendation in the middle, it’s exactly how Goldilocks likes her porridge – just right!

3) Lastly, who doesn’t want to work with an AV system integration professional who uses the most innovative technology to run their business?

Another benefit of alternate sets is that it helps increase your average revenue per transaction. So sit back, relax, and watch your revenue grow. We’ve received feedback on how surprised users were when their clients chose the high-end option. We all know what happens when we assume, so this helps remove the guesswork and standardizes the “upsell”. Make the most out of every opportunity.

Ultimately, no matter how drastic or mild the alternate sets you create, you will not miss having to stop what you are doing to swap out the black for the white and submit another audio-visual proposal. This is just the beginning of what I like to think of as treating the quote like a shopping cart. Empower your clients to browse equipment, choose what they want, and accept your proposal. The more we help you automate your sales process, the more time you get back!

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