Dashboards vs Reports

Dashboards are user profile-specific reports which Cloud users would generally review daily to get an overview of their cadence and recent activities. Compared with the Dashboard, the "Reports" tab provides Cloud users with a global overview of all sales-related metrics for the account.

The reports view offers various filters located in the top ribbon such as Date, Salesperson, Project Type, and Lead Source. In addition to the filters, users will be able to switch between Sales Report and Sales Forecast via the Dropdown menu in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Sales Report

The Sales Report view provides metrics specific to how many Opportunities have been Won (and turned into Projects) or marked as Lost.

Sales Forecast

The Sales Forecast view provides metrics specific to the Forecasted/Potential sales.

Currently, for the Opportunities to be included in these calculations it is important to specify the Est. Closing Date within the Opportunity Details section of the individual Opportunities.

Forecasted vs Potential

The Potential view shows the full value of the Opportunity whereas the Forcased value comes from the Opportunity total multiplied by the probability percentage associated with the stage that Opportunity is currently in.

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