Reports provide data for critical Sales and Project Management metrics at your company. You have three reports—Sales, Sales Forecast, and Time Entries. These

reports also offer various filters to help you see data by Projects, Salespersons, Leads, Clients, and Resources.

Sales Report

The Sales Report provides data on how many Opportunities have been Won (and turned into Projects) or marked as Lost.

You will get insights into the sales by Project Type and Labor and the historical trend of Sales. It also shows a leaderboard for Salespersons. You can see why your company is losing Opportunities.

Sales Forecast

The Sales Forecast Report provides data for the Forecasted and Potential sales in ongoing and Won Opportunities.

Click the "Filter" icon next to "Sales Forecast," and on the top-right corner, you can switch between Forecasted and Potential views. The Potential view shows the full value of the Opportunity. In contrast, the Forecasted value comes from the Opportunity value multiplied by the probability percentage associated with the Stage that the Opportunity is currently in.

You can always change the probability percentage from Settings > Opportunity > Opportunity Stages.

Note that for an Opportunity to be included in these calculations, you should specify the "Estimated Close Date" for the Opportunity.

Time Entries

The Time Entries Report provides data for the Labor work done to complete the Project Tasks in Projects. You can track Labor by Resources, Clients, and Projects and even export the time entries for accounting and payment purposes.

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