Sending Emails through apps or marketing channels has become more complicated over the years. What used to be a simple way of communicating electronically has now become polluted with marketing blasts, spammers, and app notifications, which has caused email clients to try to get smarter and make your inbox more focused.

For that reason, D-Tools emails may be getting blocked from your inbox. Here are some of the reasons why you might not be seeing D-Tools Cloud notification emails:

Your IT department has a firewall that blocks unknown senders
Some of our customers have IT departments that try to filter out the potential harmful emails with fishing and spam links. These can be over conservative (for good reason) and block emails from D-Tools Cloud. If you talk with your IT person, they can remove D-Tools Cloud emails from this list.

Your email client has identified D-Tools Cloud emails as spam or junk
If you have received multiple emails from D-Tools Cloud about app notifications, but have only glanced at them and not opened them, its possibly your client has started to flag these as spam. You may be able to open the spam/junk folder and see if there are any of these emails. Open it and mark as not spam to let your email client know these are important to you.

Are you using a Focused inbox?
Some email clients now try to make life easier on you by just showing you the important emails in your inbox through a focused tab. Outlook uses Focused, Gmail uses Primary tab. Be sure to check these areas.

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