Mark Items as Optional
Mark Items and even an entire Location or System as optional and let customers decide if they want them in the scope of the Project
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Opportunities are seldom fixed in their scope. After the site visit or a look at the Floor plan and the initial requirements, you may see ways to suggest additions and grow the size of the Opportunity. Customers may be willing to stretch their budget based on internal approvals and the value of the suggested additions.

In such cases, you can mark the additional items as "Client Selectable" in the shared Proposal. Client-selectable Items are optional, and their prices are not included in the Proposal. Your customers accept the additional items, and their prices automatically get added to the accepted Bill of Materials (BoM). If they don't accept the additional items, the BoM value does not change.

Applying Discounts can go a long way in convincing customers to accept the optional Items in the Opportunity. Check out these articles for more details about Discounts.

Mark as Optional

You can mark an Item, Location, or System as Optional. The pricing for optional Items is not factored into the Total Value shown in the shared Proposal.

Location or System

To mark an entire Location or System as optional, click its 3-dot menu and toggle the "Client selectable option" to ON (turns Green).

The optional Location or System will show a Blue icon, and all its Items will show the Blue "Optional" label.


To mark an Item as optional, go to the List view of the Items under Design, click the Item to open the Item sidebar, and toggle the "Client selectable option" to ON (turns Green). You can even add a note for the customer explaining why the Item is an excellent addition to the Project.

The optional Item will show a Blue "Optional" label.

How Customers Accept Optional Items

When customers see the shared Proposal or when you are presenting it, they can review and accept the optional Items and Locations before accepting the Proposal. The price of the accepted Items is factored into the Total Value shown in the shared Proposal.

Accept Optional Location

Optional Location will have a Blue vertical banner and an "Add to quote" button. Clicking the button will add all Items in the Location to the Proposal.

Accept Optional Item

Optional Item will have a checkbox below the Item's image. Selecting the box will add the Item to the Proposal.

Customer wants to Accept all Optional Items

If you have already shared the Proposal and the customer wants to accept all optional items, you can do this without asking the customer to accept it themselves. Toggle all optional Items and Locations to OFF (turns Grey). The customer will not see any Items as Optional in the Proposal. This is because the changes you make in the Quote are seen in real-time in the shared Proposal.

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