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Adding an Alternate Item Set to the Quote

How to add a predefined Alternate Item Set to the quote

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

An Alternate Set is a bundle of similar items you can create in your Catalog. The customer will see all items under the set in the proposal and has the ability to choose their preferred one.

Adding the Alternate Set

In the Quote view, type in the first few characters of the Alternate set. Once you see it, add it to the quote. In the quote, the entry for the set will always show the recommended item for the set.

If you want to see all items under the set, go to the side panel of the item and look for the "Alternate Items" tile. Here, you can add or remove items from the set.

In this example, we added an Alternate Set for a Home Theater. The side panel shows all three "Product + Labor" packages that make up the set.

Choosing from the Alternate Set

In the proposal, the customer will see "View alternates" next to every Alternate Set. Upon clicking the down arrow, they can see the items or packages in the set, the recommended item or package in the set, and the difference in the price with the recommended one.

To select a different item or package, they can click the check box next to it. The price of the selected item or package will be added to the quote. If the item is a package, clicking the down arrow again will show the items and the price breakdown.

Retaining Recommended Item Only

In case you want to show only the recommended item in the set and not provide the option to choose from alternates, click the 3-dot menu next to "Alternate Items" in the side panel and click "Remove."

This will retain only the recommended item from the set and also remove the "Alternate" label next to the item. Now, this is a regular item in the quote.

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