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Using Item Alternates to provide client selectable Options on your proposal
Using Item Alternates to provide client selectable Options on your proposal

Create alternates for your items in the proposal to upsell your client and engage them to become more invested in you

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What are Item Alternates?

Item alternates are alternates or options to include on each item so when you include in your proposal, your potential client will have the option to select from multiple alternates on an item by item basis.

Making these changes will also show the difference in items and price in the bottom banner, and will update the location/system and subtotal and total price on the proposal.

These changes made by the client will not apply to the quote until it is approved, so they can always revert back to recommended or reopen the proposal to get back to where they started, all while not messing up any work you might have done in the quote.

Why are Item Alternates a valuable sales tool?


One of the main benefits of item alternates is the ability to upsell on your proposal without seeming coming across as selling. This allows you to provide them options that are more expensive and allow them to realize that upgrading might only cost them $X more.

Engaging your customer

By providing your customer with options, you are allowing them to customize on their own time and think about how they want to customize their home. This gives them a good client experience and your recommendations making them feel in control.

Getting your customer invested in you

At D-Tools, we believe this is the most important reason. By getting your customer engaged in your proposal, they subconsciously are becoming more invested in you, vs. the competitor that presented a printed document. It no longer becomes a question of who to work with, but what options they want to go with, and you better present those options, increasing your close rate, and closing more deals.


Iterating with the client can take multiple versions of quotes and this can take a lot of time going back and forth with the client. Allowing the options to be at the clients fingertips, can save them and you time in helping them make their decision faster.

How to add item alternates?

You can set up alternates on an item two different ways

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