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Add Products to Purchase Orders
Create Purchase Orders Across Projects and For Stock Items
Create Purchase Orders Across Projects and For Stock Items

Use the orders tab to order products from all projects and from the product catalog for stock items.

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Ordering in bulk from suppliers saves time and money. Cloud ordering facilitates this by allowing users to order across projects and the Cloud catalog using one easy to use process contained in the ordering tab.

How to Order

  1. In the Orders tab, click 'Select Products to Order'.

  2. Here you'll see a list of all open projects in your account. You can click each one to see the products that have been marked 'Ready to Order' by your project manager and products that are 'Unordered'.

  3. You can manually add any products you would like to order from your projects or you can bulk select all items in the list. You can also change the supplier for any products using the dropdown menus next to each item.

  4. On the next screen, you'll have the opportunity to add products from the Cloud catalog. Any product added to your order from this step will be marked as 'Stock' on purchase orders.

  5. The final screen shows a list of all suppliers you've added products. If you have an existing draft purchase order open for this supplier, the selection will default to 'Add to Existing' but you can choose to create a new purchase order instead.

  6. Once you've reviewed the list of suppliers and clicked 'Finish' Cloud will generate new purchase orders or add the products to existing purchase orders.

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