Order Products Without a Project

Order stock and other items not associated with a project from your product catalog

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The D-Tools Cloud catalog contains thousands of products from our connected suppliers and brands as well user imported products. This is a powerful resource that supports our quoting, proposals, and project ordering features.

You can also order any product from the catalog without first adding it to a quote or project. Cloud makes it easy to order inventory items like bulk wire or other miscellaneous odds and ends you may need to keep your business moving.

Ordering From The Catalog

  1. Go to the Catalog tab in the Cloud sidebar menu.

  2. Navigate to the 'My Products' tab.

  3. Select the checkbox of the items you would like to add to an order.

  4. Click on the 'Action on X Selected' dropdown menu to the right of the product search bar. Select 'Add to Order' from the dropdown.

  5. In the supplier select modal window, confirm or change the default supplier (only applies to this order) and enter the desired quantity of each product.

  6. In the purchase order select modal window, choose to create a new purchase order or add to an existing purchase order. The selection will default to 'add to existing' if a draft purchase order already exists for that supplier.

  7. Click continue and review the purchase orders. Note: All products added from the catalog will have a blank project type on purchase orders.

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