You can choose to show product images vs icons on the plan view drawings. You will

configure icons based on the product category which will be passed onto the product.

First, you will need to open a quote and go to the visual quoting. From here, in the right side of the bottom toolbar you will see the settings icon. Click the settings icon to get a menu of visual quote settings. Here you can select the option to change to product icons.

After turning on the icons, you will see the products now show icons

Manage Item Icons

To manage item icons, you will want to go and open the item sidebar by selecting an item of the item you want to change the icon for.

Then in the upper right of the item sidebar, click on the ellipsis menu, which will open the option to edit the images and associate an icon with the product

From there, click the "edit icon" which will open the category modal. Here you can edit the icon associated with the category icon. Remember, the icon from the category will be passed on to the product. From here you can select the icon and the color

And don't forget to save!

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