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How to report a bug?

Chat with the D-Tools Support team to report technical issues and bugs you see when using D-Tools Cloud  

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First off, we are sorry that you have encountered a bug. Please ensure you're using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience and performance when using D-Tools Cloud.

Report the bug

To report the bug, click the green Chat icon in the lower right corner, click "Send a message > Report a Bug" and chat with our Support team to explain the context of the bug.

Alternatively, you can create a bug report document beforehand and attach it to the chat.

See this for an example of a bug report.

Issue resolution

D-Tools provides resolutions for technical issues and bugs in the following ways:

  • Guidance - if the issue you are reporting is due to incorrect or inadequate use of a Cloud feature, our Support team will guide you on how to avoid the issue by using the feature correctly.

  • Workaround - a workaround is a quick and temporary solution we may be able to provide in the chat itself or later via email.

  • Fix - A fix is a permanent solution that requires code changes in the application. An issue or bug that requires a fix will need a detailed analysis from the Cloud Development team. The Support team will respond to you within one business day with the next steps we will take to fix the issue. The fix may be made available as a hotfix (for prominent bugs,) or will be included in the next scheduled monthly release.

Bug report

You can use Microsoft Word or other authoring software to create the bug report. At the minimum, include the following in the report.

  1. Date/Time (to the best of your knowledge) when the issue/error occurred.

  2. Detailed Steps to Replicate (STR) the bug in question. This includes precisely what page (quote, opportunities, etc.) you were on when the bug occurred and what buttons were clicked that led up to the issue/error.

  3. Detailed screenshot examples or screen recordings of the issue/error.

Note that the more information you provide in the bug report, the quicker we can replicate and resolve the reported bug.

Here is an example of a bug report:

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