First troubleshooting steps to try:

1. Make sure you are using either Firefox or Chrome browsers

2. Clear your browser cache/cookies/history

D-Tools Support is unable to make code changes in the D-Tools Cloud to "fix" any bugs; however, we are able to get all bugs documented and sent over to our development team, who will take prompt action to correct any bugs. If you have a specific bug, the best way to get it resolved, in a timely manner, is to follow the steps provided below.

1. Create a word doc with the following information:

2. Provide us with detailed Steps to Replicate (STR) the bug in question. This includes exactly what page (quote, opportunities, etc) you are on in the application, when the bug occurred, and what buttons were clicked which led up to the issue/error.

3. Provide us (to the best of your knowledge) with when (Date/Time) the bug/error occurred in D-Tools Cloud.

4. Provide us with detailed screenshot examples or screen recordings of the issue for the development team to review.

5. State if you would like to be notified as soon as the issue is resolved(yes/no).

6. Send in this bug report by opening a new chat, adding the word doc as an attachment, and mentioning “This is a bug report”.

The more information provided, the quicker our development team will be able to replicate and resolve the reported bug.

Example of a bug report:

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