Everything you need to know about creating, using, and adding packages to a quote

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What is a Package?

A package is a group of products and/or labor that you add to a quote. This is an easy way to have a template group of products you add for most of your quotes. You can later modify these in the quotes to match the particular quote you are working with. 

An example would be if you sell Sonos home theater, you can create a package called Sonos 5.1 Home Theatre. In the package, you add a 55" TV, Sonos sound bar, and sub, and add two Sonos ones. You could even throw some mounts or stands in there too.

Creating a Package

There are two different ways to create a package: While quoting or in the catalog.

Create a Package in the Quote

While you are adding products within a quote, you can create a package simply by selecting multiple items and using the "Create Package" feature. This will save for the future so you can add the same package in the same or the next quote.

Create a Package in the Catalog

To create a package, you will go into the catalog, and locate the package tab in the navigation. From the package tab, click the "New Package" button in the upper right. You can give it a category and give it a description. You then will add the products you want to be in the package by searching and adding those products. 

Package Pricing

As of Cloud Release 50, package pricing can be configured in one of two ways:

  1. The sum total of all products in the package

  2. A fixed price set by the user

Option 1 sets the package price based on the total of price and labor of all the items in the package.

Option 2 allows the user to set a fixed package price regardless of the price of the products in the package. The price can be set as a dollar amount or it can be calculated based on a desired margin or markup.

The package pricing type can also be switched once a package is added to a quote, for that quote only.

Add Package to a Quote

Adding a package is simple after you have created it. You can go to the quote you want to add the package to, search for the name of the package, and click add. Simple as that!

After the package has been added, you will see the package by itself. You can expand the package by clicking the arrow on the right to show all the package content.

Displaying Package Items in the Proposal

So now you know how to add packages to your quote, but there may be different customers you want to show the package differently. So you can configure how the package is shown by going to the Edit Proposal and selecting the locations products area. 

Summarize the Package

Summarize the package as an individual line item, like below. Good if you want to keep it simple for the customer

Break Out the Package

Or you can choose to show the package items independently (so your customer will have no idea that this was a package before. This is good when you want to have groups of items you use a lot, but don't want the user to know it's one of your common packages.

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