What is a service?

A service is a way to group multiple labor types into one line item. This is commonly used for a service you (or a contractor) might offer that you want to quote in your proposal. Example might be if you need a drywall specialist, or need to get into concrete, or the service to clean up after the project.

Creating a Service

To create a service, go to the catalog and click the services tab in the navigation. Click the New Services button in the upper right. This will open a modal to enter in the labor types. 

Here, you can get creative as you want, adding many labor types or just one simple installation type. To keep it simple, we have just added 10 hours of installation, calling our service Installation Labor. 

After you create the service, you can add a description and image if you like.

Add it to Your Quote

Now lets go to the quote you have been working on. Search for it in the search bar, and add to your quote.

After you have added it to your quote, you will click on the item and open up the sidebar. Here you can edit the time for the labor, or even just set a fixed price. 

Now when you present the proposal it will show the service Installation Labor as a line item for your customer

...and will show labor in the summary of the proposal

This is very powerful because you can add multiple services for different installation types or roll them up into one labor item.


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