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Turn off labor associated with products
Turn off labor associated with products

Turn off itemized labor on products, so you can manage labor separately with labor line items

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D-Tools Cloud is smart enough to populate some labor for your products based on the associated category and the estimated time it takes that category of product to be installed. However, we realize this will not work for everyone, so you can turn off labor on products, and just manage through labor line items

Turn off labor on products from within the quote

You might have a quote that adding itemized labor doesn't necessarily work for you. In this case, you can go to the quote you are working on, go to the quote settings from the more menu in the quote, and locate the "Use itemized labor..." option under Labor Types. Turn this off and you will no longer see labor on the products. You can always turn this back on to populate itemized labor.

You can still add labor line items (or services) into the quote to add labor. 

Turn off labor from category rules

To turn off category rules added labor, you can do so by going to the Settings, and then the Categories area in the settings.

This will no longer use labor on products that are from category rules. However, it will still include labor you (or your team) may have added to the products. 

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