Share Product list with Installers

Export the list of all Products or a handful of them into a PDF or CSV file for Installers

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Some Projects may require that you provide a list of Products to be installed and programmed to the Installers. You can export all or a handful of Products in a Project as a PDF or CSV file and forward the list to the Installers so they can pick and take them to the project site.


PDFs are best suited when you want to provide a list of Products with their installation Labor time. PDFs include the Scope of Work (SoW) from the accepted Bill of Materials (BoM).

CSV file contains a lot more than just Products and Labor. It includes the cost, margin, and PO details. You may have to delete some columns before sharing the file with the Installers.

Export all Products

To export all Products, go to the Project view, click the Ellipsis menu (3-dot menu), and click "Export items to CSV" or "Download installer report".

Export Selected Products

If you are using different Installers for different Systems or want to share the Product list by Phases, you can export a list of selected Products. Use the Grouping options and Filters to narrow down the list of Products.

To export a list of selected Products, go to the Items tab in the Project, select all or some Products, click "More Actions on selected" > Download, and download the PDF or CSV file.


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