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Keep the Item Status up-to-date to let all your team members easily track the Order status and Install status of the items.

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Each item in a Project's Bill of Materials (BoM) will have an Item Status associated with it. The default status will be Unordered. As you start ordering items and completing the Project work on the work site, you can update the status of the items.

If you are new to D-Tools Cloud and want to learn more about Ordering, check out this article.

Item Status

Items go through Ordering and Installation. So, item statuses can be updated from when a Purchase Order (PO) is created to when the items are installed.

  • Order Status can be Unordered, In Stock, Ready to Order, Draft, Ordered, Received, or Client Supplied. Client Supplied implies the item need not be ordered from D-Tools Cloud.

  • Install Status can be Staged, Picked, and Installed.

Update Item Status through POs

When the PO for Project items is sent, the Order Status of all items in the PO is set to Ordered. You will need to manually update it to Received when the items are delivered.

Check out this article about managing Purchase Orders for more details.

Update Item Status in Project

After the Project Tasks are scheduled, you can update the Installation Status of the items in the Project view.

Update Status One-By-One

If you want to update the status one by one, go to the BOM view in the Project, click the item, and change the status in the Item sidebar.

Update Status by Phases

If you want to update the status by Phases or when Locations or Systems are entirely installed, go to the Items view in the Project.

Now, use the Grouping options and Filters to narrow the list of items. Click "More Actions on selected" > Change Status of Items and set the new status. For example, mark all Staged items as "Installed" when the Installers complete the work in the Finish Phase.

Rename Item Status

While you cannot add a custom Item Status or delete a default one, you can rename the statuses to something you are more familiar with. For example, rename the Draft status to "Not Ordered" or "PO Not Sent".

To rename statuses, go to Project > Item Statuses in Settings, and click "Edit" above the statuses list. Now, you can change the status Name and the Color of the status.

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