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Project Manager Approval for Change Orders

Understanding how the “Project Manager Approval” process for Change Orders works on Cloud

Written by Ashok P
Updated over a week ago

Change Orders (COs) created on Cloud require approval from the Project Manager assigned to the project for them to be considered valid changes in the project. This “Project Manager Approval” process provides an additional round of review for COs and also helps Project Managers delegate the creation of COs to other resources assigned to the project.

“Approve or reject change orders” Permission

For the Project Manager(s) to be able to approve COs, they will need to be in a user group with the “Approve or reject change orders” permission.

Here are the three steps involved in using the Project Manager Approval process for COs. If the Project Manager is the CO creator, or the Project Resource has the “Approve or reject change orders” permission, they can self-approve the CO, and perform the post-approval actions.

1 - Request Approval

Once a CO is created, the CO creator can click the “Request approval” button in the top-right corner. The Project Manager assigned to the project will get an in-app notification and email.

2 - Approve or Reject CO

The Project Manager can either approve or reject the CO stating the reason for rejecting it. However, they cannot make changes to the CO.

3 - Update CO and Request Approval

If the Project Manager rejects the CO, the CO creator will get a notification and an email saying that the CO has been rejected. The CO creator can view the reason in the notification or email.

At this point, the CO is locked for edits. To make changes in the CO, the CO creator will need to click “Reopen” in the banner on the top and revise the CO.

Once the CO creator makes the necessary changes in the CO, they can request approval again.

Post Approval Actions

For an external CO, once the CO is approved, the CO creator can create the proposal and share it with the customer for approval.

For an internal CO, once the CO is approved, the changes are automatically factored into the project BoM.

If you want to know how External and Internal COs move through different states when created by the Project Resource or the Project Manager, check out these articles.

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