Build a Change Order

Learn how to add, remove, and replace items and update Price and Labor for a Change Order

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Here are the changes you can make when building a Change Order.

Add Item

Add an item by typing in the search bar, specifying its quantity, and clicking "Add to change order". Added products will show in Green.

Remove Item

Click the Trash icon in the item row, or open the item sidebar and click "Remove from change order". Removed products will show in Red.

Click the Trash icon again to add the deleted item back.

Changing Item Quantity

To change the quantity of an item, open the item sidebar, click “Change quantity”, and enter the new quantity in the New Quantity text box.

When the item quantity is increased, you will see a new row for the item with added quantity. When the item quantity is decreased, the Quantity column shows the reduced quantity.

Replace Item

To replace an item, open the item sidebar, and click "Replace". Our "Find and Replace" assistant will show the most suitable replacements. You can search for the item you want, click Select, and click Replace.

The original item is automatically deleted, and the replaced item will show in Green. If you want a different quantity of the replaced item, open the item sidebar and change the quantity.

Changing Item Price

You cannot change the cost of the item directly in the item sidebar. You must first delete the item and add it again with the appropriate price.

Updating Labor

You cannot change the Labor on products in the BOM already. Instead, you can add Labor packages via the items search bar or delete and add the item with appropriate Labor.

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