A change order is a change to a project that allows you to make updates that are approved by the customer. This may be adding a new location, removing a system, or just subbing out a television. 

Create Change Order

To create a change order, go to the project you want to create a change order for. In the project view you will click the Change Order tab. Click the tab and click the Create Chang Order button.

Making Changes

After creating a change order, you can add items the same way you do in the quote, by searching and adding to the CO. To make removals, simply click on a product and click Delete from Change Order. To replace a product, you can delete the product and add the new product. 

Adds will show in green and removals will show in red. You can see which products and location have had changes.

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Review Change Order

To review the change order, you can do so a few ways.

  • Use the tabs above the change order to show the list of products by all, net new project, changes to project, adds, and removals.

  • Go to the pricing summary and review changes to each location, system, and phase

  • Preview the change order to see what the customer sees.

Managing Change Orders

Share and Get Change Order Approved

After previewing the change order, you can make updates the same way you edit a proposal, and share with your customer through email, or present right in front of them. All this works the same as sharing a proposal, getting signed, and approved. After approve the changes will be merged into the the project BOM and update the project. You can always revert by changing the CO status back from approved.

Change Orders will only show the changes with in the CO to the customer. 

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