By default our proposals sort items within groups alphabetically (A-Z). In this article, we'll show you how to take control of the order items are displayed.

Getting Started

To get started, first you'll want to navigate to a proposal. You can begin either from a Quote or by navigating to one of your proposal templates in the Settings area of D-Tools Cloud.
In this article I'll demonstrate the steps from a Quote's perspective. Once you have navigated to a quote you should see a screen like the one below when you choose to preview the proposal.

Default Options

By default we provide the following ways to quickly sort the items in your proposal:

  • ¬†Name (A-Z)

  • Name (Z-A)

  • Unit Price (high to low)

  • Unit price (low to high)

Each of these default options can be found in the Products edit options of the proposal under the "Show items by" dropdown.

If you are using our default proposal template, clicking on the "Edit" toggle at the top of the Proposal Preview and then hovering over the "Locations" section will give you access to the sidebar above.

Display Order

If you would like to hand pick the order items are displayed in we provide the Display Order option at the bottom of this dropdown. After selecting this option in the dropdown you can then click the "Set item display order" button to begin selecting the order for your items.

This option is only available from within a Quote's proposal and cannot be configured from a template at this time.

From this modal you can now use the up/down arrows or simply drag and drop items in the list to set their display order. Once you've hit save, toggle from the proposal's edit view back to the preview to see the new order in action.

Thank you for reading this article on how to reorder items in your proposal. If you would like to see additional ways to order your items please send us a chat or head on over to our feedback portal!

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