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Capturing Tariffs
Capturing Tariffs


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There's currently two ways to handle tariffs in D-Tools Cloud: 

Option 1 :
Our solution for someone who wants to show a separate line would be to create an allowance and include the total for the tariff. Users can include this in it's own location if they'd like, and show the pricing summary by location. This way the consumer will see the sum for all locations then the last line will say "Tariff" and include the price for that.

Option 2 :
If you have price sheets from the various manufacturers, you can actually use our CSV Import feature to either update the product costs (if you want to absorb the tariffs) or you can update the item prices(if you want to include the tariffs in the product prices) and pass this on to your customers without breaking out the tariffs as a separate line item on the proposal. 

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