ADI Pricing Integration

Connect to ADI to get integrated pricing from ADI so you don't have to manage your dealer costs.

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Connecting to ADI

You can connect to ADI by going to the catalog and the Suppliers tab. Click on the supplier and click the "Get My Pricing" button.

Enter your ADI account number to get connected. This will send an email to ADI where they will authorize your account. This may take a few days.

Once you are approved, you will receive an email notification letting you know you now have pricing. When you add ADI items to a quote, you will see cost added to the product.

*Note: Not all ADI products will have pricing. We are working to get it all.

If you are not approved, you should receive a message back from ADI letting you know why you were declined.

ADI Dealer Costs

As you add products to a quote, you will see products that have MSRP, Price (set to MSRP), and Cost. These costs will stay updated in quotes through API integration and should happen immediately when ADI makes price updates.
Here is a screenshot of an item in the Catalog with ADI set as a supplier.

Here is a screenshot of an item in the Quote with ADI set as a supplier.

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