Suppliers vs. Brands

Determining the difference between suppliers and brands in the catalog and the quote.

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A brand is a manufacturer who makes a product. 

A supplier is a seller of that product.


  • Apple makes their collection of different products, and they sell their own products. So Apple is both a brand and a supplier.

  • Sony makes TVs but does not allow its consumers to buy directly from them, instead they have their users go through distribution. So Sony is a brand, but not a supplier

  • ADI does not make any products, but they do sell (distribute) a bunch of products they buy direct from these manufacturers. ADI is not a brand, but is a supplier

Remember: A brand can also be a supplier of that product.

When navigating the catalog, remember that brands is where you will be searching for products manufactured by that brand. Suppliers will be who you buy the products from.

Make sure to take advantage of supplier provided and managed costs, so you don't have to 😀

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