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Google Contacts Integration
Google Contacts Integration

Automatically search your Google contacts when adding a contact

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Google Contacts integration allows you to search your Google contacts whenever you are adding a contact or sharing something with a contact. By connecting your Google account, contacts will not be added to your D-Tools contacts. Instead, D-Tools Cloud will search your Google contacts when searching for a contact. Adding the contact will add the contact to your D-Tools Cloud account.

Connect to Google Contacts

In the settings area, go to the integration tab. Here you will see Google Contacts integration. Click the connect button and follow the below steps.

First, you will want to select the Google account you want to call your contacts from. Then you will be asked to approve D-Tools Cloud to have access to your contacts.

After you have connected, you will see the widget area showing you are connected to Google Contacts instead of the Connect button.

Using Google Contacts in D-Tools Cloud

After you are connected to Google Contacts, you will see the below dropdown whenever you go to add contacts. The default will show the contacts from D-Tools Cloud, but you can always search Google contacts.

Note: If you are not seeing the Google tab, you are not connected to Google Contacts correctly. Please make sure you go through all of the authorization steps to give D-Tools Cloud access to your contacts. D-Tools Cloud does not use these contacts for any purpose other than helping you find contacts in the D-Tools Cloud software.

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