Managing Labor for a Project

Understand the different ways to add Labor to a Quote and how to review and finalize Labor

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On D-Tools Cloud, there are many ways in which you can add Labor for a project. Each comes with its benefits.

  • Associating labor with the project through Category labor rules in the Catalog is the easiest way to manage labor. Category labor rules are global and reflect the relevant labor estimates of the products when they are added to the quotes.

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  • Creating Labor-Only packages allows you to add multiple Labor Types as a single entity/item. Reusing Labor-Only packages across quotes for similar projects makes labor management easy.

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  • A third way to add labor as individual line items to quotes is by creating distinct Labor Types in the Catalog and adding them to quotes as and when the labor is required.

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  • Labor can also be added as a Price Adjustment to quotes.

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Configure Labor for a Project

To configure labor for a project, go to the Design > List tab on the quote. Here, items are listed by Locations, Systems, Phases, and Categories view. All views list products as line items. You will see the current labor associated with the items and a summary of labor for all items in the view. This is the labor auto-configured using Category labor rules.

If you want to change labor for an item, click the item, which opens an item details panel. Here, change the current labor hours and add new labor requirements. All labor you change, and edit will be reflected in the Labor Summary area.

You can also ignore the labor from Category rules and define your own labor manually. Click the Ellipsis menu (three-dot menu) and click Turn off labor on products & allowances. Labor for the item is set to ‘zero’ hours, and you can now add your labor.

To add labor as a Labor Type or Labor Package that will show up as a line item in the Labor Summary, search for the Labor Type or Package in the quote search.

You will see the rate per hour and can configure the number of hours/minutes/seconds on a product. Just define your labor quantity and click Add to Quote.

After you have configured labor for all items in the project, you’re now ready to review the Labor Summary of the entire project.

Review Labor Summary in a Quote

All labor added for a project is accumulated and shown in the Review > Labor tab on the quote. Every line item listed can be edited to fine-tune the cost, margin, and markup. This does not affect the original global Labor Type associated with the item.

You can see labor by Locations, Systems, Phases, and Categories for a more granular view. Labor can be seen as a factor of time or days (with 8 hours of work per day).

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