While D-Tools Cloud recommends setting labor on an individual item through category rules and labor types, we recognize that this can take valuable time away from quickly building quotes, so we want to provide a way to add labor line items. If you want to assign by product through category rules or product by product, check out this article.

If you are smaller and don't have the time to associate labor to each product, and your jobs are small enough to estimate labor by location, by system, or even for the entire project, then you can use services to do this. 

Have Created Labor Types

Make sure you have created the different labor types with the associated cost, price, and other settings prior to creating a service. More on labor types here.

Add Labor Line Item

To add a labor line item, you can simply search for the name of the labor or just search labor in the quote search. You will see the rate per hour, and can configure the quantity of hours/minutes/seconds on a product. Just define your labor quantity and click the add (or add to many) button.

Create a Service

You can also create a labor line item through services. This is a way to create a group of labor items that you might want to use as one line item. Go to the catalog and click the services tab in the navigation. Click the New Services button in the upper right. This will open a modal to enter in the labor types. Simply add the labor types into the service with the time allocated for each labor. You can then add the service as a line item in the quote.

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