Once an Opportunity is won you'll likely want to share the scope of work with your internal team to help facilitate the completion of the project. In this article we will describe the best practices for creating a document to share with your internal team that will describe the scope of work and hide sensitive information like product cost.

To create this document, we will be duplicating the won opportunity's quote, changing the proposal template, and saving a PDF that you can print or share with your internal team.

Duplicate the Accepted Quote

We'll begin by duplicating the quote that your customer accepted so that we can apply a different proposal template without affecting the original quote. 

Navigate to your Won Opportunity and choose the "Duplicate" option in the Accepted Quote's more menu. Be sure to give this duplicated Quote a name that is easy to distinguish from the original. After giving the Quote a name, you will be automatically redirected to the newly created Quote.

Change the Proposal Template

Next we'll edit the proposal template so that it only includes the information relevant to your team (ex. removing an image gallery, budget summary, or customer testimonials).

In the "Present" button's more menu, choose the "Edit Proposal" option. This will bring you to the proposal's editor.

From the editor we can now use the same tools to add or remove sections from the Proposal. In the example below, I am removing the Summary section from the proposal. 

In this example I am hiding the price of each item shown in the "Products" section.

Once you are done making your changes, be sure to save this proposal as a template using the more menu in the header (pictured below). Now, when your next Quote is accepted you can simply use the "Change Template" option, found in the same menu, to quickly change the template with one click.

Share or Print

Lastly you will want to choose how you would like to share this information with your team. Like the proposals you share with your customer, you have the same options to share the proposal electronically through email or you can print a copy and attach to the project.

You are all set

We hope this article help you and your team through the implementation phase of your projects. If you have any questions about D-Tools Cloud please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

How to create proposal templates

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