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Send Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online
Send Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online

Using your QBO integration, send POs to your accounting software

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Before you can send purchase orders to QuickBooks Online, make sure you are connected. More about the integration and connecting.

After you have connected, you will also want to make sure you have created a purchase order. More about creating purchase orders.

Once you have completed the two steps above, you will want to go to your purchase order in D-Tools Cloud. You will see a line that says Send POs to QuickBooks. If you do not see this, you may not be connected to QuickBooks.

Map or Create Supplier

First, you will want to create or map to an existing vendor. A vendor is the same as a supplier within D-Tools. Either review the information in the modal or map and search for the existing vendor.Β 

If any of the information on the vendor looks incorrect, you can update in the settings > suppliers section in D-Tools Cloud before pushing over, or update in QuickBooks Online after you have pushed the PO over.

Map or Create Products

Next, you will go through and create or map any products that aren't found in QBO. Select the appropriate product and account information for the product. More can be found on these information types in QuickBooks.


Finally, will review the purchase order before sending it over. Assuming the Shipping and PO information looks correct, you can send over the PO to QuickBooks.Β 

After you send over the PO number, you will see the connection to the QuickBooks Online PO with the number used in sending it to QBO.

In QuickBooks Online

You will find POs in QuickBooks in the Expenses area. Notice the PO 1006 that was sent over for SnapAV.

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