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Best Practices: Formatting a file for import
Best Practices: Formatting a file for import

How to format your file for import to work as easily as possible

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File Format

The import products feature accepts two common file formats. Excel or CSV (Comma Separated Values). Excel files can only be opened and edited if you are paying and using Microsoft Office. CSV files are a more common file type that can not only be opened and edited in Excel, but also many other files including Numbers from Apple, or even Notepad. 

Headers and Rows

D-Tools Cloud expects the first row in your file to be a headers file. The second row will be the products themselves. 

Each column is a field in D-Tools Cloud that you would like to map to. Columns can be ignored if you don't want to import them into D-Tools Cloud, so no reason to delete rows, unless it helps you stay organized.

Single Sheet

You will want to make sure all the products are on one sheet in Excel. Any products on other sheets, other than the first sheet, will be ignored from import.

Formatting Pricing Sheets

Pricing sheets come from a variety of suppliers and all shapes and sizes. Usually, they come as a PDF, CSV, or an Excel file.

You may see files that include different categories of products separated into different tables within an Excel file. These must be transformed into a denormalized file format with one header row and the rest of the rows including products. Otherwise, the products may not be read properly.

Another approach may be having a header for each of the tables separated by category.

It is important to know that these will need to be formatted into the D-Tools Cloud table format to get accurate imports. 

PDF to Excel Converter

There are many common PDF to Excel converters that are available for free on the web. Now these are 3rd party tools trying to read a variety of different PDF documents so all PDF documents will be handled differently and we assume some massaging will be necessary. One tool our team uses is

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