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Import Products from QuickBooks Online

Getting your QuickBooks Online products into D-Tools Cloud

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Export QuickBooks Online Products

  1. Inside of QuickBooks Online (QBO), go to Sales > Products and Services

  2. *Optional: Filter for the products you want to export 

3. In the upper right area of the table of products, click the export button. This will export the file to Excel

4. In excel, you will need to split the Product/Service Column. 

  • To do this, you will want to insert a column to the right of Product/Service Name, highlight column A, and then go to Data >Text to Columns.

  • Now select delimited, and delimited by a colons ":" (QBO uses colons to split brand and model from D-Tools Cloud. This could be different based on the how these products were entered. Learn more about splitting columns here.

  • After you have split the columns, make sure both have a column header. To make it easy, name them brand and model. 

  • Save the file, and ready to import into D-Tools Cloud.

5. Within the D-Tools Cloud application, go to the catalog, and then the menu and select Import Products. You can map the headers, brand, columns, and import. 

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