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Ordering through Amazon Business Integration
Ordering through Amazon Business Integration

Configuring orders to order from Amazon Business directly through D-Tools Cloud

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Order Amazon branded products directly through D-Tools Cloud with Amazon Business integration. 

First, include Amazon products into your quotes and opportunities. When you have won an opportunity, you will be ready to order for a project. 

Configure your purchase orders by selecting products and adding to an order. You can select the Amazon products and create purchase order.

If you don't have an Amazon Business account, you can always sign up for a free one.

After you have created your Purchase Order and configured all the settings, you will now click the Send All POs button. This will send the purchase orders to the appropriate place. First you will get a confirmation message on how much each costs and where you are sending it to.

If you have not connected your Amazon Business account yet, it will say Send Directly to Amazon Business with a link. Learn more on how to connect.

When you send your purchase order, assuming you have the integration set up correctly, it will automatically purchase the items through your Amazon Business account. You will receive a notification email from Amazon Business a few minutes later letting you know if your order was successful or any issues that might have come up.

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