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Everything you need to know about keeping your Purchase Orders up-to-date

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Managing Purchase Orders on D-Tools Cloud is easy. A large part of the Purchase Order management process is automatic. The only exception is that you should manually move the Purchase Order (PO) to "Received" status when you receive the Items in the PO.

You can track the shipments directly from D-Tools Cloud. Check out this article for more details.

What is PO Status?

POs are assigned a status based on the entirety of the Items delivered for the PO. New POs are always in the "Draft" status. Once the PO is sent or emailed to the supplier, it moves to "Ordered". From here, you can move the PO to "Received" or update Items in the PO as and when they are delivered.

See the following illustration for PO statuses and how they change throughout the PO management process.

Update PO Status

All POs are listed under Orders > Purchase Orders in the left navigation menu. Here, you can switch between the Kanban and List views to manage the POs.

Mark a PO as Received

When all Items in the PO are delivered, you can move the PO to the "Received" status. This can be done in two ways:

1 - Kanban Board

Drag a PO from the Ordered column and drop it into the "Received" column.

2 - PO Status Changer

You will see a dropdown for PO status next to the supplier in the PO name. Click this and move it to "Received".

Mark Received Items in a PO

If you are not going to receive Items of a PO in a single shipment due to prior arrangements with the supplier or supply chain issues, you can mark the delivery status by individual Items. This can be done for a subset of Items in the PO or a partial quantity of an Item in the PO.

Go to the PO view and enter the received quantity of the Item in the "Received Quantity" column. Further, if the PO has Items for multiple Projects or stock and you want to prioritize Item availability, select the Project or Stock on the left and update the quantity.

Doing this for a PO in the Ordered status will automatically move the status to "Partially Received". From here on, the PO remains in this status, and you can keep updating the Received Quantity columns as and when the Items are delivered.

Archive PO

Archive a PO from its 3-dot menu when you don't want to see it on the Kanban Board temporarily, typically when the Project is postponed or held up due to other reasons.

To get the PO back to Kanban Board, use the "Include" filter, click the 3-dot menu, and Unarchive it.


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