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Mark Products as Ready to Order

For integrators working on overlapping projects that need to order across multiple projects, or have purchasing processes in place

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Some organizations have an approval process in which one person sends and approves all purchase orders. This is extremely valuable when ordering across multiple projects and generating larger purchase orders to help get discounts and cheaper freight.

Marking Products as 'Ready to Order'

To request products or simply mark them as ready to order, you can select the products, and then click the 'Ready to Order' button in the sidebar. After clicked, these products will have their Order Status updated to Ready to Order. These will also be available in the list of products ready to order across all projects.

Again, utilize the filters on the left to help you select the correct products to mark as Ready to Order.

You can also utilize the "Item Status" tab to mass select and updating Products accordingly.

If you accidentally mark a product as ready to order, you can always change its status back by clicking on the arrow in the right window and selecting 'Not Ready for Order'.

Filtering products

In the Project Bill of Materials, you can utilize a series of filters. Here you can filter by phase, Labor, price, and of course, you can still view by location and system. This makes it really easy to filter by Trim and send out the purchase orders.

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