Are you an SI customer? How about an SA customer? Great!

As a valued D-Tools Customer, if you are paying Software Assurance (SA) you will receive a discount towards your D-Tools Cloud Subscription. Start enjoying the benefits of D-Tools Cloud + D-Tools System Integrator today by entering in your SI license key. 

Please email with questions or to learn more about your exclusive benefits.

Where to find your SI License Key

Account Creation

When creating your account, enter in your SI license key. D-Tools Cloud will automatically validate if you are eligible.

From the Settings

If you missed it in the account setup or choose to do it later, you can enter in your SI License key by going to the settings in the user profile (or just click the activate button in the blue trial banner).

In the Account Settings, go to the Subscriptions Plan and click the Choose a Plan button.

Here you will be able to enter in your SI license key. Click "Apply" to validate and "Pay Now" to submit.

Your discount will be automatically applied upon activation.

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