The Benefit

D-Tools Cloud has partnered with SnapAV to provide dealers the best experience for building quotes and winning proposals. Here are the key benefits you will receive by connecting to your SnapAV account (or signing up).

  1. Unit Costs for all SnapAV products for your approved pricing tier

  2. Extended free trial of D-Tools Cloud

  3. Pre-populated catalog of 150 popular SnapAV products

Signing Up

From both the D-Tools and SnapAV website, you can signup for a trial with D-Tools Cloud. From DTCloud, you can connect to you SnapAV account. 

You can also go to to signup.

Connecting to SnapAV

There are multiple places to connect to your SnapAV account, so don't worry if you forget to do it in certain places.

  1. Onboarding - you will be asked if you want to connect to your SnapAV account

  2. Dashboard - after entering the application, you will see a SnapAV widget in your account's dashboard. You can connect here or dismiss

  3. Settings - configure SnapAV in your settings, in the Supplier section

  4. Catalog - you will see a SnapAV banner or find a SnapAV brand to connect to your pricing tier to add unit costs.

To connect, enter in your SnapAV Account Number (S-Code) as well as your SnapAV Billing Zip code. D-Tools will do a lookup on the entered codes and will see if SnapAV
has authorized you as a dealer. 

Automatic Approval

If the S-Code and Zip code match up, you will be connected to SnapAV and receive the benefits from above. This should happen instantaneously.

Manual Approval

If we don't find a match, we reach out to SnapAV to ask them if you should be approved. They may choose to approve or decline you as a dealer. 

If approved, you will receive an email and in-app notification alerting you. This may take a few days to a couple weeks, so please be patient. 

Declined Authorization

If you are declined, you will receive a comment from SnapAV why you did not get approved. Any further communication should be done directly with SnapAV.

Become New Dealer

If you are not an existing SnapAV dealer, just click the link to become one. You will be redirected to SnapAV's signup page. Once approved, you will get an Account Number (S-Code) from SnapAV. Take that with you Billing Zip Code and come back to this step to enter it. You will then get approved and have SnapAV added.

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