To signup for a D-Tools account, you will go to the url and you will go to the signup form. You may also be referred to the application from the D-Tools website or other partners websites. 

  1. Enter in your email and click "Next" button

  2. Enter Full Name, create a password and confirm that password

  3. From your email, take the verification code and have it added to the verification code area

  4. Click the verify code button and you will see your email become verified

Note: Make sure you not only send verification code when verifying email, but also click the Verify button after you have entered in the verification code sent to your email.

After you create your user, you will be taken to the account creation process. Here you will go through the process of entering in your Company information, Your Business information, then configure your account. Answering these questions will configure your account so you don't have to do all the setup work other tools have you go through. The more you enter in here, the less you will do later.

Once your processing is done, you will land on an empty dashboard. You will notice a few things right away:

  1. A guide on what to do first - Create an opportunity, build a quote, and present a proposal.

  2. In app guidance - there is tool tips to help you get started and learn the software with our help. You can go through the flow or dismiss.

  3. Intercom - You can always ask D-Tools support questions through intercom. 

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