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Why does Cloud never seem to load?
Why does Cloud never seem to load?

Ad blockers may be preventing you from accessing Cloud which freezes the application in a never-ending loading state.

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If you are experiencing an issue accessing Cloud where the application never seems to finish loading this may be caused by an ad blocker. 

Ad blockers are a popular way to make browsing safer but some can incorrectly block our sign in process. While you can continue to use your ad blocker for other sites we recommend disabling ad blockers for Cloud. 

Turning off your ad blocker

There are a number of different ad blockers to choose from. The following steps are for "AdBlock" Chrome browser extension.

Start by clicking the AdBlock button in the browser's header to reveal the management dropdown shown below.

Next choose the "Don't run on pages on this site".

Finally, in the dialog that appears you can choose to always disable the ad blocker for Cloud (recommended). Once finished click the "Exclude" button.

Notes, you may need to repeat these steps for our sign in url too:

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